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We develop original educational resources and applications, using the power of interactive and immersive technology. Educat10n’s aim is to create new methods of teaching and learning that will enable everyone to develop their skills and knowledge effectively. We believe that this can be achieved by making learning enjoyable, by understanding the importance of motivation and by allowing people to take control of their learning experience – by doing things at a speed and in a way that suits them. This can be achieved by providing a user friendly experience that effectively uses interaction, sound, and vision to create an engaging learning environment.


Learning is not only provided by teachers in classrooms. People of all ages are increasingly reliant upon their own determination and the resources available to them. Even in the classroom, learning is largely self-directed and guided by one’s natural curiosity. This is why the quality, usability and accessibility of learning resources are so important. Education should be effective, adaptive and inspiring, no matter where it takes place. We apply our understanding of psychology, cognition and design to make interactive and immersive educational tools, because all learning ultimately takes place in the mind of the individual.

Educat10n has three main goals. The first goal is to develop original educational programs and applications. These will be designed to improve learning across a range of subjects, settings and user groups. The second objective is to promote the use of new educational resources and methods in formal teaching, training and self-directed learning. This will be done by providing access and support to users and gathering feedback in order to continually improve resources and methods. The third goal is to create additional learning resources that allow teachers and learners to integrate new methods with traditional learning methods. This will include the development of online and printed resources to supplement our interactive software.

Follow the links below to find out more about our mission & to learn about the educational resources we are developing:

1. Educational Programs & Applications

Developing new educational programs, training courses and methods for learning

2. Implementation, Support & Testing

Enabling, encouraging and testing the use of new educational programs or tools

3. Teaching & Learning Resources

Creating supplementary materials for use alongside our applications and programs

Collaboration & Commissions

We take commissions and collaborate with other organisations to develop new educational applications. If you or your team would like to create a bespoke learning tool or an interactive educational program, contact us to discuss your ideas and objectives.

We also make applications for the visual arts, and for sharing data and evidence. You can see examples of our interactive projects on the Immersive Innovation YouTube Channel.

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