Our World: Society and Culture

The best way to learn about the world is by experiencing it directly. People say that travel broadens the mind and international tourism is making the world a smaller place. However, travel is still a privilege and is often constrained to popular and familiar tourist destinations.  Books and online resources offer a way for people to explore the world and to learn about different regions, cultures and lifestyles without the need for travel. However, this type of learning is usually self-directed and relies upon people already having an interest in the wider world.

We want to create applications that grab people’s attention and offer them an immersive and multi-sensory way of exploring the wider world from any location. One of the main reasons why Educat10n and Immersive Innovation exist is to promote global understanding, in a way that values human diversity around the globe. People everywhere draw strength and identity from their own culture, society and shared values. This should be a positive thing. People should feel secure in their own identity whilst also being open to exploring, interacting and communicating with individuals and groups from around the world.

There are two key elements to this. The first is to make exploration enjoyable and to motivate people to engage with the wider world from an early age and into adulthood. Some of the best ways of making a connection with other cultures and lifestyles is through shared interests and things that are common across the whole of humanity, such as art, music, storytelling and history. The second key element is to create resources which are stimulating, immersive and interactive, and which use a rich variety of multimedia such as video, animation, music and voice.

So far we have produced several interactive applications which improve access to art and allow people to explore cultural work from around the world. Our arts applications are released under the Curat10n brand.

We have also developed applications which inform and educate people about political systems, democratic representation and international geography. Our data and information sharing applications are released under the Informat10n brand.

Educat10n (teaching & learning), Curat10n (arts & exhibiting) and Informat10n (data & evidence) are all part of Immersive Innovation. You can find out more about the interactive resources we have made by visiting the Curat10n or Informat10n web site and by watching videos on our YouTube channel.